Manchester band The Courteeners have always had a special place in their heart for the fans of Leeds. They got a place on the main stage for Reading and Leeds and played a memorable show for the whole audience. Flares were being set off left right and centre to the encore of ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ it was truly a memorable show and I was blessed with the chance to witness it.


They then added Leeds First Direct arena to the 2016 tour with the release of their new album.

Some say The Courteener’s are ‘irreplaceable’ others say ‘biggest underground band’ but what about the new album. To start things off The courteeners still have there magic. That is of course if you like the magic, if you consistently like them the new album will still have you in a daze.  However, the problem with ‘Mapping The Rendezvous’ is the same one that’s plagued them since their 2008 debut ‘St. Jude’ – namely, they’ve only made half of a very good album. For every track like ‘Kitchen’, with its sly funk-rock riffing on Ian Dury’s ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’, there’s the sledgehammer sentimentality of ‘Most Important’ or fag-packet balladry of the misleadingly titled ‘Finest Hour’.