Name, age and where you come from?

‘Tom, 20 from Leeds. Sean 20 from Liverpool’

How did you come up with the band name?

‘Shaun- Found a tiger tooth ages ago then you knocked on my door and said is this your tooth? Then i said oh my god yes that is my tooth then tom asked if i wanted to start a band called’

‘Tom- TigerTwins and then the rest is history’

What sort of Genre would you consider your work to be?

‘Tom- its kind of shameless pop song writing for a rock and roll band. The same way Stone Roses wrote pop songs.’

Shaun- Its got loads of different things in its also got that Smiths and Johnny Marr sort of sound that shiny guitar and some psychedelic things thrown in there mainly with the lyrics.’

Who writes the songs? or do you both just collaborate?

‘Tom- We both just collaborate dive in and make the songs, Sean might do the chords for one song and ill write the lyrics or the other way around but we like to just team up and make it happen.’

‘Sean- Yeah i think the first song we wrote was Sun Set Ocean which is a song we love and we both just knew it was going to work out from there’

‘Tom- well then we actually take it to Teddy and Timothy the other members of our band and then thats another story’

Whats your ultimate direction for the band?

‘Sean- i think something small like take over the world nothing too drastic and were not fussy but we will just have that taking over the world.’

‘Tom- yeah take over the world have some musical dictatorship and make it a rule to listen to our music and to own tigers’

What are your rehearsals generally like? are they mostly spontaneous?

‘Tom- well live basically together, I basically live in Sean’s Kitchen because my flats gross’

‘Sean- its not like something happened to his flat though he made it like that he’s disgusting, but yeah he basically lives with me downstairs’

‘Tom- but any spare time we have we are always writing, if we get a spare hour thats what we’re doing’

‘Sean- yeah we’re both at leeds college of music and we are also learning all the ins and outs of the music industry preparing for when we take over the world’

Any Last words?

‘watch out we’re coming for you, we only wanna take over the world.